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  • A Pathway to Homeownership

    We build climate smart homes because they’re the most direct way to change a family’s life
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  • When you build a home you change everything

    Home is more than four walls and a roof over your head. It’s freedom to live a healthy and happy life.
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  • Building differently so that families can live better

    We pioneer solutions that build climate smart homes faster, stronger, and at a lower cost
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  • Having a home you own is a great  way to guard against old age poverty

    Home is not just an economic good, its also a social good. You can't quantify the satisfaction your children have by living in a home you own
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Home is where the heart is

Dreams vary from person to person. However, one dream remains common to all: owning a secure home.

At Smart Havens Africa (SHA), we want to see you achieve this dream and thrive. So, we have made homeownership more affordable than ever so that financial independence and a dignified life are within arms reach.

At Smart Havens Africa, we focus on women and low-income families. Our homes are built by them and for them. We offer a route out of rental poverty through jobs, financial inclusion, and affordable homes. From training in property management to financial literacy, we provide our clients with tools to a secure financial future.
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48 Million
Households in Africa lack Quality Housing
Only 4%
of Ugandans can afford to buy a $20,000 Home Outright
of Uganda’s urban population live in overcrowded housing
of Uganda’s population has access to housing finance
50% of
monthly income
is spent on rent by low income ugandans
1.6M Housing
in Uganda & expected to exceed 8M units by 2035

The Housing Challenge

In most African countries, owning a home is nearly impossible for women. High housing costs and low incomes shut most women out of the formal financial market and limit their access to finance and land tenure, making it hard for them to buy or build a home.

The Result:

  • Many pay a high proportion of their income in rent
  • They often fall into debt from high-risk loans
  • They stay trapped in systemic poverty
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Our Products and Services
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Our Impact

Guiding our approach is a singular belief that developing vibrant communities and growing opportunity begins at home. Stable, affordable homes deliver immediate and positive benefits to people and communities. But, even more importantly, they are the foundation on which families and children can achieve a decent education and build healthy and prosperous lives.

Our Impact

What people say about us

For Smart Havens Africa (SHA), our key stakeholders  must still afford their desired lifestyle and any essential services as they purchase their dream home. Becoming a homeowner should not result in financial constraints and sacrificing other essential expenses.
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    Meet the Asiimwe Household!

    “It’s an excellent investment to own a house in the Kampala Metropolitan, is affordable, and has a financially friendly payment plan. In addition, the idea of living in the house as you pay for it, unlike other mortgage options, is very attractive and considerate.”
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    Meet the Batambuze Household!

    “SHA has helped me to start my homeownership Journey, a dream I never thought I would accomplish by myself. We have been offered decent housing at an affordable price, something we never thought of in day and era.”
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    Meet Ezra!

    “They care for the workers, and they don’t fail to pay when you have worked. They understand the workers’ situation; they give opportunities to learn other things you’re interested in. I am earning while acquiring masonry skills too.”
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    Meet Carorine!

    “SHA creates job opportunities for all levels hence uplifting people’s lifestyle.”
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100% of your investment goes to funding a new home for families with greatest need of shelter. Always

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