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“Affordable housing
is the only key to achieving the 16 UN SDGs.”

Anne K Rweyora
CEO, Smart Havens Africa
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Affordable homes

In an ideal world, everyone should be able to own an affordable and sustainable safe place called a home; bought or self-constructed. This is, however, far from reality even when housing is a basic need for mankind.

At SHA, we believe that a safe home is a foundation needed for economic uplift. It deters families from the rental trap and enables households to save more for themselves, which, in turn, instills an enhanced personal image and growth.

Impact Highlights

SHA continuously engages with home buyers and home builders (construction workers) to learn how to serve them better. As a result, our stakeholders consistently build Wealth, improve living standards, stay healthy, and invest in the next generation. This change contributes towards Smart Havens Africa’s Sustainable Development Goals.
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Quality of Life

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of our clients are First time home buyers and Often for the first time, they are giving their children a safe, dignified home where they are not at risk of the mental health toll of constant upheaval and housing insecurity
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New High-Wage Jobs

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On average, after 1 year SHA workers increase their income by 46.3% (up from $684 /year to $1,476/year).
94% of workers say they developed new skills that will bring them new job opportunities and make them more valuable in the job market in the future
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Financial Stability

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94.07% of SHA workers have reported an increase in income. Rent-to-own financing ensures affordable homeownership within 2-8 years and gives  SHA customers the ability to save and build credit history for future borrowing

Since we started three years ago, we have built 100+ climate smart affordable homes, created 1,700 jobs, ensured 600 low-income individuals are living in safe, affordable housing communities , saved 3,400 of Africa's rare trees, and transferred $1.5M USD worth of assets to women.
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100% of your investment goes to funding a new home for families with greatest need of shelter. Always

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