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A humane business
that uplifts.

We are a social enterprise founded to uplift and transform lives. We build communities, not single homes, and ensure families have full legal ownership of the land where their affordable home is built, so they can never be evicted. Each community has access to the resources they need to thrive, including water, power, and proximity to career and educational opportunities.

At SHA, we believe that an affordable home is a foundation needed to uplift families. It deters families from the rental trap and enables households to save more for themselves, which, in turn, instills an enhanced personal image and growth.

SHA's Story

What motivates us?

We are a social enterprise founded to uplift and transform lives. Why? Because we have ourselves, experienced how the lack of Quality affordable Housing affects all areas of life.

“While I was denied becoming a civil engineer, a dream that I had hoped to achieve because my mother spent most of her income on rent after my dad passed on , My Cofounder, Will too struggled a lot, often being on the streets to get food for his family and money to pay his school fees as well as rent“, Says Anne, the Managing Director of Smart Havens Africa.

“So, we have both first handedly experienced the housing problem.”, and we understand what powerful impact an adequate shelter has on a family and how greatly it can improve the quality of life.

Our team

Our Backbone

At SHA, We’re a team of founders, fired up about the vision we get to pursue, and thankful  we get to do it together

We’re always on the lookout for talent that believes in our ethos & want to join our mission.

SHA Board

Advisors and Board

Innovation is excelled at only through clear ideas and foolproof execution. That is where our Advisors and the members of Board use their expertise and enable us to serve you better while ensuring that we keep track of our values, vision and missions.


Our Promise

100% of your Investment  goes to funding anew home for  families with greatest need of shelter. Always

We know that when you invest in our social impact business , you want to know exactly how your investment is being used. That’s why we completely separate all Investments for home building from,operational expenses, travel costs, and even our works in innovations. Every amount you donate or invest to fund a home has a direct impact on a family.

Our Vision

Our  Values.

We deliver services in line with our Company values.

At Smart Havens Africa  we value:

  • People

We put the customer and beneficiaries  at the heart of what we do, we value each other and welcome diversity.

  • Respect

We are respectful of all and welcome open and honest discussion.

  • Positivity

We have a positive and dynamic approach to our work. We embrace change, learn from our mistakes and seek to find solutions.

  • Accountability

We do what we say we will do.

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