Our Impact


Our Impact

Your Investment
builds more than shelter

  • The construction of one affordable home creates 13 direct jobs and as many as 12 jobs indirectly
  • A safe home gives parents the chance pursue opportunities to earn more money and start businesses. Instead of wondering where rent will come from or spending time trying to build their own homes, families can focus on thriving
  • Providing affordable quality homes boosts school attendance, lowers dropout rates and provides a safe space for children to do their homework
  • Families living in a quality home in Africa are almost half as likely to contract malaria than families living in traditional shelter.
  • Building Affordable homes for Communities  has increased security  reducing crime rates and contributiing to cities resilince in urban Africa


Affordable Homes
Holds the Key

At Smart Havens Africa we focus on women and Low income families.Our homes are built by them and for them.We offer them a route out of rental poverty, through jobs, Financial Inclusion and affordable homes.We offer them training in property management and financial literacy and Provide Our clients with key tools to a secure financial Future

Guiding our approach is a singular belief that developing vibrant communities and growing opportunity begins at home. Stable, affordable homes deliver immediate and positive benefits to people and communities. But, even more importantly, they are the essential foundation for families and children to achieve a decent education and pursue healthy and prosperous lives. 


We can only achieve
UN SDGS by investing in Affordable Homes

In an ideal world, everyone should be able to own an affordable and sustainable safe Place called A home; bought or self-constructed. This is, however, far from the reality even when housing is a basic need for mankind

At SHA, we believe that a safe home is the foundation needed for economic uplift. It deters families from the rental trap and enables households to save more for themselves, which, in turn, instill an enhanced personal image and growth

The Impact we create is measured against the six Metrics below.

Our Impact


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