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When you build a home for a family  you change everything

We build climate smart homes because they’re the most direct way to change a family’s life

The housing crisis is increasing   innovations are not.

By 2030, an estimated 3 billion people will be living without adequate shelter. In order to meet this growing demand, we will have to build 50 homes per minute before 2030.

Building 2 million new affordable homes in Africa will create over 25 million jobs and an income increase of at least $25 billion, which will be equivalent to about 1% of Africa’s Annual GDP!

Building differently so that families can live better

Traditional methods of home building do not meet ever-growing housing needs. So, we develop breakthrough solutions to build homes and communities in a better, faster and more economical way.
We press eco-friendly, durable bricks on site that results in homes that are high in quality, affordable, and good for the planet.Our homes  are made from compressed earth, reduce C02 emissions, and are 4x stronger than traditional bunt bricks.
At SHA, we provide affordable homes and ensure families have full legal ownership of the land where their home is built, so they can never be evicted. Each home we build has access to the resources that family members need to thrive, including water, power, and proximity to career and educational opportunities.
We aim to strengthen the communities that we operate in by providing work opportunities to women there. Our homes are built by women and for women We work with Women to build more Affordable homes as a way of consolidating peace, protecting the environment, and generating sustainable incomes.

We pioneer  financing options  that unlocks opportunities

We are creating financial models that provides a sustainable pathway to homeownership for those low income families left out by the traditional banking systems. When people have the opportunity to build creditworthiness and obtain homeownership, they’re more likely to break the cycle of poverty and create multi-generational stability

Rent to Own

Find a new build in one of our communities . Rent it from us and outright own it with in 8 years
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Choose your home in one of our communities , buy as much of it as you can afford. We help you with the rest.
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Serviced  Plots

Choose your serviced plot in one of our communities , and start your homeownership Journey with us
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Your future homes come with:

Group 217
2 to 3
Group 216
Sitting and
Dining rooms
Group 215
Two toilets
(one in the master bedroom
and one shared toilet)
Group 214
A small garden

100% of your investment goes to funding a new home for families with greatest need of shelter. Always

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