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Every member of the SHA team plays an important role in the company’s big machinery. Your contributions are valued, commended and well reimbursed for you to stay motivated throughout. However, when working with us, you work in the achievement of a common goal- eradicating homelessness, inadequate shelter and, in the process, eliminating the societal evils arising due to them.

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Thank you for your interest in volunteering with Smart Havens Africa. Volunteers play a vital role in the delivery of our programs. All volunteer applications are reviewed with consideration of current volunteer opportunities. Applications are kept on file for three months

We enjoy working with volunteers who want to use their skills to reduce inadequate shelter and global homelessness. Interested in volunteering with Smart Havens Africa ? We are happy to hear from you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Each applicant is considered by the information they provide. If further information is required applicants will be emailed to request this. We also look further at your application as to skills and experience specifically related to the programs you have applied to. We look at volunteer experiences, travel experience and also your particular interest in the program to make our decision.

Family members over the age of 18 can volunteer together and couples can be placed together. In some cases it may be possible to volunteer with your children as well, provided they will not require additional supervision. Due to the type of work you will be involved in and the current environment it is not advised that you bring young children with you.

Volunteers can arrive at any time. After arriving, Volunteers take part in a orientation program for some days before they start to volunteer with Smart Havens Africa. It is suggested that volunteers arrive a few days earlier to settle in before programs begins.

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