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Rent to Own

Our aim is to get those who want to own their own home, but aren’t quite in the position to buy yet, on the first step of the property ladder.
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Rent to own 
A pathway  to Homeownership

Many low income families especially those headed by women  aspire to homeownership but believe they can’t due to obstacles like high mortgage interest rates , expensive and uncertain rent,lack of Finance,rising home prices among others.

Our aim is to get those who want to own their own home, but aren’t quite in the position to buy yet, on the first step of the property ladder.

With Our rent to own model, you choose  a new build house in one of our communities, either daily, weekly or  monthly payments so that you  own  your new home  outright within just eight years.
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    Meet the   homeowners

    Namono lives with her aged mother.She got married 2 years back and has a baby along the way.Namono works as a saleswoman at a fashion apparel store.She also takes up side jobs on weekends to make some extra money.Namono has been the sole earner in the family. Her dad passed away when she was 14 years old, and has since been working through hardships to support herself and her mother.

    Namono's husband had estranged her when she disclosed her pregnancy. Namono now looks after herself on her own. However, she feels increasingly tired and doubts if she can work as much as she would before. Namono practically has zero savings. Most of them are depleted in paying rent, and she stays worried with expenses.  Namono is terrified as to how she'll be able to make ends meet.Namono hopes that somehow banks would lend her some money to build her own place and escape the rental debt trap but the banking system has never favored her.
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    Reall life stories

    To date Rent to Own has helped numerous people from all walks of life on their journey to homeownership, here are just a few examples.
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      Meet the Asiimwe Household!

      “It’s an excellent investment to own a house in the Kampala Metropolitan, is affordable, and has a financially friendly payment plan. In addition, the idea of living in the house as you pay for it, unlike other mortgage options, is very attractive and considerate.”
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      Meet the Batambuze Household!

      “SHA has helped me to start my homeownership Journey, a dream I never thought I would accomplish by myself. We have been offered decent housing at an affordable price, something we never thought of in day and era.”
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      Meet Susan!

      “ Its a great Opportunity to own a home in an organised community.”
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How does it work?
    We have 8 steps to Rent to Own your new home with us

    1. Apply online! Apply online at your documents and wait to hear from us.We will respond to home applications within seven days

    2. What we'll do. We will then assess your application which will include a credit check and reviewing your overall affordability.

    3. Property selection. Once you have received a Decision in Principle, which outlines the maximum property price you qualify for based on your affordability, the house selection in one of our communities can begin! You will be taken through by our team to select your dream home

    4. The legal bit. At this point we will share the rent to own contract for signing with you.

    5. Down payment. Before you move into your new home, you pay us a down payment equivalent to 4 month’s rent and insurance for the property.

    6. Property completion. We will prepare the keys and inspect the property to ensure it has been completed with the turnkey specification agreed.

    7. Move in!. You can move into your new home to begin your homeownership Journey at an agreed date after completion. We will meet you at your new home to confirm the snag list and to complete a full inventory.

    8. Plan to buy your home
    Throughout your tenancy, a member of the team will contact you to ensure that you continously meet your monthly obligations and are on target to continoue the purchase of the property by the end of the 8 year.
    What is the application criteria?
    Before you apply it’s important that you check out our criteria and make sure that you meet it.

    1. Age. You must be over 18 to apply.
    2. Residency status. You must be a ugandan citizen . You may be asked to provide evidence of your nationality. You have to live in the property as your only residence.
    3. Homeowner You can’t apply for Rent to Own if you currently own property which includes owning property or land, including commercial, or being named on any property in Uganda or elsewhere.
    4.Joint applicants If you are married, civil partners, or couples living together or intending to live together in your new home, then you must apply together.
    5.Outstanding debt. You must not have any debt to any third party.
    6. Credit assessment. When you apply for Rent to Own we will perform a full credit assessment to determine your affordability. Part of this assessment is to look at your credit file, not your score. We will look at your credit history which will include things like, if you have any credit cards or loans, the amounts of these, your repayments of these, and if you have any missed or late payments. Your credit history shows how you have managed your credit up to now and is taken into account as part of our decision.
    7. Managing your bank accounts. We will review 6 months bank and mobile money statements as part of the application. If these show any unauthorized overdrafts, returned Direct Debits, or bank charges for unauthorized usage, you will not be eligible for Rent to Own. If you are heavily reliant on credit or an overdraft to pay your household costs and other outgoings, you may not be eligible for Rent to Own.
    8. Income. You must declare all income for the household at the time of application. We will require evidence of the amount and nature of all income. We’ll require pay slips for at least the last 3 months of employment. If you’re self-employed you’ll need to provide mobile money statement for the last full year.
    9. Lifestyle, spending decisions. All applicants must prove they have been able to afford their current lifestyle. They must also prove they will be able to afford the commitment of renting their home through Rent to Own from their current disposable income.
    10. Application information. All application information must be correct and true. Any fraudulent, false or misleading information, statements or omissions in respect of an application may be sufficient grounds for the application being cancelled.
    11. Previous applicants. Previously declined applicants can’t apply until 6 months have passed from the date they were told of an unsuccessful application. However, any fraudulent, false or misleading information or omissions in respect of an application or a vexatious application will mean that an applicant will not be able to make another application for Rent to Own or for any of Smart Havens Africa’s products for 12 months from the date of cancellation of the application.

    To enable as many people as possible to avail of Rent to Own, applicants will only be able to take up Rent to Own in respect of one property.

    12. Change in circumstances. If your circumstances change at any stage during an application you must let us know about this. We will review your circumstances. This may result in your application being revised or withdrawn.

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    100% of your investment goes to funding a new home for families with greatest need of shelter. Always

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