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Doing good for tomorrow, today

Empowering families to live better is the most direct way to change a family’s life

SHA Foundation

Shelters Africa  is a not-for-profit legal entity that was inaugurated in  2017 as a vehicle through which Smart Havens Africa  implements its social and charitable activities. 

The foundation strives to improve the quality of life in communities where Smart Havens Africa  operates in a sustainable way.

Building differently so that families can live better

At Shelters Africa, we aim to strengthen the communities that we operate in by providing work opportunities to women there.

 Our homes are built by women and for women We work with Women to build more Affordable homes as a way of consolidating peace, protecting the environment, and generating sustainable incomes.

Focus Areas

We are creating financial models that provides a sustainable pathway to homeownership for those low income families left out by the traditional banking systems. When people have the opportunity to build creditworthiness and obtain homeownership, they’re more likely to break the cycle of poverty and create multi-generational stability

Financial Literacy

Empowering Women to manage their finances well and make financial independent decisions 
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She Builds

Empoweing women to build climate smart affordable homes that are of high quality and good for the planet
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Construction Skills

Empoering young women with skills in construction skills to a build a better future for them.
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Your future homes come with:

Group 217
2 to 3
Group 216
Sitting and
Dining rooms
Group 215
Two toilets
(one in the master bedroom
and one shared toilet)
Group 214
A small garden

100% of your investment goes to funding a new home for families with greatest need of shelter. Always

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