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The Problem

Over one billion people live in slums, making up over a third of the world’s urban population.Inadequate housing poses a challenge when it comes to health, personal security, and meeting basic needs. It also is part of a larger socioeconomic trap that often creates deep pockets of populations that are unable to access basic services, increase their income, improve education, or participate in formal systems through which they might access better opportunities.

Billion people is living in slum conditions


Million children without adequate shelter


Million urban Dwellers in Africa

= 1.6 

Billion People live in overcrowded Housing with poor water Quality and lack of proper Sanitation.




 Our  Solution

For a long time, Affordable Housing  has been viewed as a milestone in the lives of many. Although many aspire to own homes and other property, their dreams are so distant because of the heavy financial requirements needed to develop structures. Only a privileged few are able to attain this dream because of its general outlook as an investment class. 

At Smart Havens Africa We provide adequate housing solutions for people with limited resources who do not have financial opportunities,involving them in the process and thus promoting social inclusion.Our solution  enables individuals/families to secure a pathway to home ownership and make this dream easier to reach

Guiding our approach is a singular belief that developing vibrant communities and growing opportunity begins at home. Stable, affordable homes deliver immediate and positive benefits to people and communities. But, even more importantly, they are the essential foundation for families and children to achieve a decent education and pursue healthy and prosperous lives.

Smart Havens Africa  uses  a market -based social impact  business model to generate, grow and sustain the local supply and demand for affordable Housing via three interconnected concepts below:



A Roof

Development of appropriate housing within a local housing market

Smart Havens Africa Housing offers, a “Whole Systems Design” to address the housing deficit sustainably.We Build appropriate Eco-friendly, housing Using locally produced green material Interlocking stabilized blocks.

Our homes are equipped with renewable energy including Rain water Harvesting systems and Bio-digestors to provide an environmentally sustainable Roof for people at the base of the pyramid . 

Women in particular are empowered to become owners of a plot of land by formalising-ownership/titling of their land & technically & financially   supported  along the journey of home ownership


A Skill 

Supporting the training of Women-masons &entrepreneurs

 We are a social enterprise that contributes to community development by integrating families to the self-production of decent and ecological housing, thus generating green employment opportunities for young women, masons, self-builders,

We also provide opportunities for young women and Youth who want to take up a carrier in affordable housing sector by providing appropriate training and apprenticeship opportunities
and triggering sustainable development in the community.


A Market 

Creating economic opportunities by encouraging those involved in the housing market to take up this solution

We create economic opportunities by encouraging those involved in the housing market to take up this solution. 

Rather than building houses directly, Smart Havens Africa creates and supports a local market in which local Women,masons, apprentices, businesses and clients can operate.

our scalable model ensures that our Clients can own an asset,enjoy stable lives,&still maintain sufficient disposable income to meet other necessities of life


The Process

  1. Know &Enroll

Customer Signs Up into Smart Havens Program. 

2. Technical

Each customer that signs up receives an  integral housing solution that comprises of  full Technical and financial  support 

3. Decide:

Once tailored technical &Financial support to meet the specific housing need of each participating low-moderate income family is provided.The client makes a choice on the program and financing that fits his needs.

Either the Self Build , SHA Build or the Outright Home ownership.

The Self Build Financing Scheme is  a pay-as-you-go-model whereby our clients are able to save and buy ISSB blocks on a monthly basis.Clients can save for package as low as US$10 to US$150 per month over a two to seven year period

For SHA Build finacing scheme,Smart Havens Africa  uses the Rent to Own Model to help people on low to moderate income to find an affordable home.  The scheme builds new houses and lets them to families at below market rents. Families have option of choosing whether to rent with an option to buy after a certain period or not. .

4. Home Ownership

Home Ownership  for those at the Base of the Pyramid is the outright goal of Smart Havens Africa.


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