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Low cost housing in Africa


Seeing the gaps in the affordable housing market in Africa and understanding the inherent business and social opportunities that exist in this space,Smart Havens Africa was registered in 2015 to end Housing poverty in Africa by providing Sustainable, Eco-Friendly,and Affordable Housing solutions to low &moderate income people who are unable to secure long term affordable housing or are disadvantaged by the private market.Through this Project Smart Havens Africa is pioneering the concept of Interlocking Stabilised Soil Blocks (ISSB) banking in Africa with our main objective being to end Housing poverty by making housing affordable for all

The Interlocking Stabilised Soil Blocks (ISSB) scheme is a pay-as-you-go-model whereby our clients are able to save and buy ISSB blocks on a monthly basis,&when they have accumulated a sufficient amount for their purposes,the ISSB blocks are delivered to them free of charge. Clients of the scheme receive monthly statements indicating the amount of blocks they have saved. Clients can save for package as low as US$10 to US$150 per month over a two to seven year period. The blocks banked are a form of savings and also present a simple hedging mechanism in terms of protecting clients from price inflation of block materials such as cement.

This Saving Mechanism is what Smart Havens Africa is formalising for the clients we serve

Our Niche

Through The ISSB Housing Scheme Smart Havens Africa offers its clients the following products ad service.

Technical assistance:SHA provides tailored technical advice to meet the specific housing needs of each participating low-income family. A SHA architect visits the families at home to: assess the existing basic structure of their houses; discuss their building plans; and evaluate each family’s financial situation. Based on this assessment, the architect then develops and presents the client with a building plan, which includes the design, type and quantity of material needed to meet safety, environmental and other required construction standards.

Financing:Families that build or expand their houses with Smart havens Africa receive customized financing products according to their financial needs.After clients receive technical assistance and define their construction projects, they are guaranteed that prices will not fluctuate.

Building materials:Cement accounts for 30% of purchases and the remaining 70% of the materials include ISSB blocks steel, sand, gravel, bricks and finishing products where necessary. By Providing our clients with these services, Smart Havens Africa enable individuals/families to secure a pathway to home ownership and make this dream easier to reach.

Our Prospects

With an Increase in demand for sustainable, low cost Housing,Smart havens Africa will acquire industrial land, ISSB block making machines and delivery trucks.Producing the blocks in-house allows management to closely monitor and assess the quality of the blocks produced to ensure that the ISSB blocks meet industry standards. In the event the quality does not meet the required standards,the customer gets paid back their total amount of blocks in the depot at market price.

Partner with us

Smart Havens Africa is proactively promoting innovation in its business model to support, enable and encourage private sector, institutional and philanthropic investment.

Smart havens Africa’s market advantage and business model enable the company to increase the supply of Sustainable, ecofriendly and affordable housing and meet targets set by the Government agencies. Simultaneously, these projects assist our partner organisations to meet their affordable housing targets and enhance corporate social responsibility outcomes.This makes Smart Havens Africa an excellent, low risk partnering option for Non profit, Donors, private builders, developers and investors.

Partnering with Smart havens Africa will not only benefit your organisation, it will have a positive impact on some of africa’s most disadvantaged community members especially women


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