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5 in 5 initiative

Wars and Conflict  cause nearly 90,000 deaths worldwide every year. 97% of these deaths occur in Africa  largely due to the collapse of buildings

Poverty rates in Uganda are nearing 50 percent. The country faces a housing shortage of more than six million homes, and forecasts predict that low-income populations in major urban centers are expected to double in the next 15 years.

Half of the urban population lives in unplanned squatter settlements that lack electricity, clean water and sanitation. Despite the deplorable conditions, residents are required to pay considerable rents. Without legal title to the land they live on, they can be evicted at any time and hold no economic collateral with which to gain access to formal credit markets.

With an ardent eye on Housing, Smart Havens Africa, is keen to end Housing poverty in Africa by  providing Sustainable, Eco-Friendly, and Affordable Housing to low and moderate income people in Africa  who are unable to secure long term affordable housing or are disadvantaged by the private rental market


Build a Safe,Resilient Africa

Conflicts and wars s can have devastating impacts on vulnerable communities. After such  disasters, communities Africa tend to rebuild using the same designs and techniques that they’re used to, which means the new buildings are just as likely to collapse and wont stand the waves of our times. We work in Conflict areas  to ensure that  refugees can build affordable and eco friendly homes that provide a secure shelter on their head.Our Building use new and retrofitted buildings technologies to withstand future earthquakes or major storms and are environmentally Friendly


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Through our 5 in 5 initiative Smart Havens Africa  saves lives  by working with people in Africa  to build homes  that  are affordable, low cost , Eco-friendly and sustainable that will protect their families and children.

Join Smart Havens Africa  to work with 5 million people in Africa to live and learn in safer homes in the next 5 years.

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Lasting change in construction practice is achieved through the collaboration of extraordinary partners, including corporations, foundations, governments and nonprofit organizations. There are a variety of ways for companies and organizations, Investors to support our 5 in 5 goal and empower people with the tools, resources and financial incentives to build safe  and affordable homes in Africa.


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