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The Homes

Affordable Homes.

At SHA, we provide affordable homes and ensure families have full legal ownership of the land where their home is built, so they can never be evicted. Each home we build has access to the resources that family members need to thrive, including water, power, and proximity to career and educational opportunities.

Our homes range from two-bedroom to four-bedroom, including sitting and dining rooms. Each house comes with two toilets, a self-contained toilet in the master bedroom and a shared toilet for your family visitors. Plus, we have a small garden for every household and a compound for children to play in.

On top of all this, every family receives property management and financial literacy training so as to keep them on top of managing their resources.We accompany our clients all the way on their Journey of Home ownership.

The Skills

Homes that Empower

We aim to strengthen the communities that we operate in by providing work opportunities to women there. We empower female engineers and women masons by providing them with apprenticeship and internship opportunities, as a chance of improving their employability.We work with  Women to build more Affordable homes as a way of consolidating peace,protecting the environment &generating sustainable incomes

They are taught basics of civil engineering, construction techniques and other fundamental practices, where the good performers get a chance at employment. In this way, many people are able to pay their minimal rent amounts on time and own their houses in 3 to 5 years. 

Our Innovation

We are always


Traditional methods of home building will never meet the ever-growing housing needs. Thus, we develop breakthrough solutions to build homes and communities in a better, faster & more economical way.

We are an innovator in the affordable housing space & we build applications that make housing more affordable than ever before. We are developing a disruption tool connecting people in need of shelter with masses of construction-related people looking for work and facilitates open access to housing support services that guide individuals through the housing construction process so that we can make affordable housing accessible and affordable to those who need it the most.


Housing Crisis is increasing, Innovations are not

By 2030, an estimated 3 billion people will be living without adequate shelter. In order to meet this growing demand, we will have to build 50 homes per minute before 2030.

Building 2 million new affordable homes in Africa will create over 25 million jobs and an income increase of at least $25 billion, which will be equivalent to about 1% of Africa’s annual GDP!

Have a Question


Read through these Frequently Asked Questions to know more about us. And if that doesn’t help, you can always reach out to us.

How much does a house cost with SHA?

Our homes cost as low as UGX 17,500 per day and we ensure that our product doesn’t take more than 30% of your household income!

How long will it take before I own my home?

This entirely depends on your financial standing. However, we have created different packages that, regardless of your income, will enable you to become a homeowner in 3-5 years.

Can I start staying in the home right away?

Yes, exactly, right away! Once you choose your dream home and sign an agreement with us, you can start staying in the home and keep paying for it.

How can I make my Payments?

We have made the payment process easier than ever before. You can choose to pay daily, weekly, or monthly. Just log into your account and proceed with your payments.
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