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Many families have lost their income because of COVID-19.
Our goal is to ensure they don’t lose their homes, too.


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We don’t take your generosity lightly

We know that when you invest or donate, you want to know exactly how far your donation is going.That is why we deploy every penny received from donations and investments  to building houses and never to compensate for any operational expenses, freight costs, or any work that involves practising our innovation .Your generosity builds more than shelter, Every dollar you donate or invest to fund a home not only does it have a direct impact for a family in need but will also provide social and environmental impact while creating jobs for women and Youth.

Smart Havens Africa has identified socially responsible investment opportunities that provide acceptable returns to investors both mainstream and philanthropic whilst delivering social benefit by the inadequate shelter needs and improving social equity. 

Partnering with Smart Havens Africa will not only benefit your organisation, it will have a positive impact on some of africa’s most disadvantaged low income families  especially women and girls.

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24/160 Families Funded

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Frequently Asked Questions

We believe you should know exactly where your donation and or investment  is going and who it’s helping.

Our 100% promise means that every penny of your donation goes towards ensuring families are in safe homes. Our operating costs (rent, business expenses, etc) are covered separately by the revenues we generate.

We always keep you updated Once your donation or investment  is used, we’ll send you more information about the exact family you helped support!

You can fund all 160 and even more, We would be honored to partner with you for a donation and or investment  at any level. As a reminder, from $1 investment to $1M investment, every penny goes directly to funding a home  for a woman or lowincome family in need of support.

Reach out to Will at for commitments over $5,000.

Yes! As soon as you Donate, your tax receipt will be sent straight to your email inbox.We have partnered with New Horizon Foundation and all Investments and  Donations are tax Deductible

Our Model is built to deduct only 30% of the Household income so us tokeep it affordable for families to enjoy other life necessities

We build communities, not single homes, and ensure families have full legal ownership of the land where their affordable home is built, so they can never be evicted. Each community has access to the resources they need to thrive, including water, power, and proximity to career and educational opportunities.You can Visit the families you support at any time when you need to

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