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Who we are

Smart Havens Africa  is a Social Enterprise established in 2017 to  deliver Low cost Eco friendly and sustainable affordable housing  solutions for vulnerable and low to moderate income people  in Africa who are unable to secure long-term affordable housing in the market by integrating families to the self-production of decent &ecological housing, thus generating Green employment Opportunities &triggering sustainable development in the community.

Building affordable and low cost Green homes is a key element of what we do, but we do a whole lot more! We put community needs at the heart of every project. We don’t just build homes, we build and develop communities.

Our Mission 

Our Mission is to Provide a sustainable,affordable Pathway to Home-ownership for low income Women in Africa

Our Vision

Our Vision is to end Housing Poverty in Africa

Our Clients

Smart Havens Africa targets those urban low income women who earn less than $8 per day, a segment served inadequately by both the public and private Sectors





Social Inclusion

We work with  Women to build more green Affordable homes as a way of consolidating peace,protecting the environment &generating sustainable incomes



Technical Support


 We  provide  training & Support  in the use of Our Building   technology & accompany our clients all the way on their Journey of Home ownership.




We promote financial education in families and provide flexible self financing schemes. The savings culture benefits people, families and communities.





Our Business  model is replicable to promote sustainable development

We use  a market -based social impact  business model to generate, grow & sustain the local supply & demand via three interconnected concepts A roof, A skill and A market




Our  Values

We deliver services in line with our organisation’s values.

At Smart Havens Africa  we value:

  • People

We put the customer and beneficiaries  at the heart of what we do, we value each other and welcome diversity.

  • Respect

We are respectful of all and welcome open and honest discussion.

  • Positivity

We have a positive and dynamic approach to our work. We embrace change, learn from our mistakes and seek to find solutions.

  • Accountability

We do what we say we will do.


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